What is the difference between standard and proportional extracts in plant extracts?

🌻Standard extract and proportional extract are both forms of plant extracts, but they differ slightly in the way they are extracted and in the content of their ingredients.

🌹Standard extracts are plant extracts with a certain ingredient content extracted from specific plants under certain process conditions. The ingredient content of standard extracts is strictly controlled and standardized to ensure the stability and consistency of its ingredients. Therefore, standard extracts usually have high purity and activity and are suitable for highly demanding applications such as pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals.

🌾Proportional extracts are mixtures obtained by mixing two or more plant extracts in a certain ratio. Rather than controlling the content of specific ingredients, proportional extracts are usually blended with different plant extracts in a certain ratio in order to achieve a more comprehensive and integrated effect. Proportional extracts are usually used in cosmetics, food, etc. They are more complex in composition, but not as active as standard extracts.

🍀In general, standard extracts and proportional extracts differ slightly in terms of ingredient content and application areas of plant extracts, and the choice of which form depends on the needs of the product and the application area.

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