Plant extracts in the new retail and consumption landscape

The rise of plant extracts in retail 📈
Botanical extracts have become a hot topic in the retail industry. The global plant extract market is expected to reach US$59.4 billion by 2025. This growth is driven by growing consumer demand for natural, green, pollution-free products.

Innovation in plant extract technology🔬
Xi’an Hencegrow Biotech Co., Ltd. continues to develop new extraction technologies and products through experiments, aiming to accurately release more active ingredients from natural plants. For example, ingredient development using “extreme” botanicals combined with new extraction technologies. Includes extracts of microalgae, moss, and resurrection grass.

Impact on consumer trends🛍️
The rise of botanical extracts is reshaping consumer trends. Consumers are increasingly seeking natural, green, and pollution-free products. This shift is evident in various sectors including food, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and cosmetics. In addition, from online platforms to experiential physical stores, consumers are embracing emerging consumption models to discover the benefits of natural extracts.

Future outlook 🌱
The future for botanical extracts in retail is bright. The plant extract industry is expected to gradually increase its market concentration with the continuous development of the industry. From the food industry to terminal retail, Xi’an Hencegrow Biotech Co., Ltd. is working hard to allow the retail sector to see more
innovative products and applications of plant extracts.

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