Introduction to plant extracts

In modern medicine, there is a growing interest in the efficacy and benefits of plant extracts. By extracting active ingredients from plants, plant extracts can be used for health, beauty, and medical purposes. This natural, side-effect-free therapy is becoming more and more sought after. Here are some facts about plant extracts, let’s learn more about them.

What are plant extracts?

Plant extracts are compounds that are extracted from plants. These compounds can be obtained through different extraction methods such as water extraction, alcohol extraction, supercritical fluid extraction, etc. Each plant extract contains unique compounds and therefore has various pharmacological properties and therapeutic effects.

What are the effects of plant extracts?

Plant extracts have various effects, such as regulating the immune system, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, promoting blood circulation, analgesic, antibacterial, etc. These effects are widely used in food, medicine, health care, cosmetics, and other fields.

The application of plant extracts…

Food field

Plant extracts are also widely used in the food field, mainly in increasing the nutritional value, improving the taste, extending the shelf life, and increasing the color of food.

Pharmaceutical field

Plant extracts can be used to prevent and treat various diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, etc. For example, resveratrol extracted from grapes can prevent cardiovascular diseases and certain cancers. Tanshinone extracted from Salvia miltiorrhiza can be used to treat coronary heart disease and cerebrovascular diseases.

Nutraceutical field

Plant extracts are used for health and strengthening the immune system. For example, total ginsenosides extracted from ginseng can boost the immune system and enhance the body’s resistance. Tea polyphenols extracted from green tea can be antioxidants and reduce the damage caused by free radicals.

Cosmetic field

Plant extracts can be used in cosmetic formulations for skin conditioning, moisturizing, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory effects. For example, aloe polysaccharides extracted from aloe vera can be used in skincare products for their calming, moisturizing, and antibacterial effects.

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