How to scientifically preserve plant extracts: Preservation Guide

🔬 The nature of stability

The stability of plant extracts is affected by many factors, including oxygen, light, temperature and humidity. To ensure that they are better preserved, the following points need to be considered.


Store plant extracts in airtight containers to reduce contact with air and prevent oxidation reactions from occurring. ⚖️

Avoid light

Light exposure may cause degradation of active ingredients in plant extracts. Therefore, it is best to store it in a dark, dark place or use a light-tight container. 🛡️

temperature control

Avoid storing plant extracts at excessively high temperatures, as high temperatures may accelerate their decomposition. Room temperature or refrigeration are both good options, depending on the nature of the extract. 🌱

Humidity management

Humidity may cause some extracts to become hygroscopic or moldy. Make sure the storage environment is relatively dry and consider using a desiccant to control humidity. ❄️

Pay attention to the shelf life

Different plant extracts have different stability and shelf life. Pay attention to use them within the specified time and avoid using expired extracts. 🎶

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