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Hencegrow, a global leader in natural products, focuses on R&D, production, quality control, sales, and after-sales of plant extracts and active ingredients for 16 years. It serves 50+ countries/regions in 5 industries: food, health products, cosmetics, feed, and pharmaceuticals. Products include Fruit and vegetable powder, nutritional paste, health tablets, capsules, etc. The factory is ISO90001 and HACCP certified, and products have NOP, EU, KOSHER, and HALAL certifications. About us :Hencegrow is dedicated to improving partner profitability and growing together for mutual success.


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Production & Quality

We focus on product development, production, warehousing and quality control. Adopting advanced extraction technology and processes to ensure high product output, the QC quality control team follows the PDCA cycle to ensure high product quality.

Factory introduction

Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province, hosts our factory with beautiful scenery, a pleasant climate, and rich products. The facility spans over 1,000 mu and employs 15 people. Core institutions include an R&D laboratory, production workshop, material warehouse, and QC. We focus on product development, production, storage, and process quality control to ensure product quality.

R&D institutions

The research and development laboratory focuses on new technologies, new processes, and new products, and is equipped with advanced extraction equipment and mature technologies. We keep pace with market trends and customer preferences, while competing globally and meeting new opportunities and challenges.

Production process

We have introduced the world's leading supercritical extraction technology, enzyme extraction method, ultrafiltration technology, microwave extraction technology, ultra-high pressure extraction technology, ultrasonic extraction technology and other cutting-edge technologies. These advancements ensure we achieve high quality and efficient production levels in product extraction.

Warehouse reserve

Our warehouse consists of two large units, the Specialized Warehouse and the General Warehouse, with a total area of 1,500 square meters. It has been carefully designed with separate storage and handling areas, truck access and efficient loading and unloading. The facility is kept at a constant temperature, with fireproof partition walls, high security and confidentiality, and excellent insulation.

QC quality control

To ensure product quality and avoid delivery delays, we follow T/CAQ 10201-2020, with two types of QC groups: one for standard control and improvement like the "Safety Index Control Group" handling safety indicators (heavy metal content, pesticide residues, bacteria content, organic solvent residues). The second group focuses on technology research, innovation, and product development. Our QC team follows the PDCA cycle for strict quality control.

About us-Hencegrow

Our factory has passed ISO90001 certification and HACCP certification, and our products have passed NOP、EU、KOSHER、HALAL.

About us-Hencegrow

In compliance with T/CAQ 10201-2020 standard, we set up two types of QC quality control teams, and the whole process of quality control follows the PDCA cycle, based on objective facts and good product quality control.

Quality control
About us-Hencegrow

Our responsive after-sales team efficiently handles product, service, and logistics issues, addressing complaints, proposing solutions, and tracking their effectiveness.


Our Services

We have a professional sales team with many years of experience in international trade, and our products are exported to Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, and South America. Cooperative logistics include DHL, FedEX, UPS, EMS, provide a variety of packaging and flexible payment delivery methods, and support multi-currency payment.

Introduction to foreign trade

Our experienced sales team has garnered extensive international trade experience and a strong customer base across Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, and South America. We offer top-quality products and exceptional service.

Logistics and transportation

We cooperate with DHL, FedEx, UPS and EMS all year round to provide international logistics transportation services of container FCL, LCL, breakbulk and bulk cargo by sea, land and air transport, from port to port, door to door, door to port and port to door.

Packaging classification

According to customer requirements and cargo characteristics, the packaging is divided into 1kg/Bag, 10kg/Box, 25kg/Drum, each package has the characteristics of light weight, low cost, clean and firm, easy to load and unload transportation, etc., to ensure the quality and safety of the cargo transportation process.

Payment & Delivery

Payment methods: T/T, L/C, PayPal, Western Union, Alipay.
Delivery terms: EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF.
Payment Currency: USD, RMB.

Trade partner

Hencegrow trade partner
Hencegrow trade partner
Hencegrow trade partner
Hencegrow trade partner
Hencegrow trade partner
Hencegrow trade partner
Hencegrow trade partner
Hencegrow trade partner
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